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We experiment with the latest trends in animation and video production to create a cinematic digital experience to tell your story. Bring us your ideas and let our artist justify your concepts.
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Partner // Collab

Creative Collaboration

We believe in growing together. We can be your creative outsourcing partner or your next animation & explainer video company. Business collaborations or partnerships enable businesses to work on multiple projects while maintaining quality and crucial deadlines.


Webwooz Media loves to spread its creative wings; by collaborating with various businesses ranging from startups to big organizations. Strategic alliance, positive communication, and long-lasting partnerships contribute to growth for both parties. We ensure all of it and much more.


As a creative partner, we take care of your creative needs and help you make an impact in your industry. We would love to be a part of your journey.


Design & Animation Studio

Creative production is not an easy job.


Design and animation companies often require a creative outsource partner. It helps them to streamline the huge digital content production. While maintaining so many things all together, outsourcing is the way to move things quickly. A key to achieving the outcome on time… every time.


In that case, you need a team who knows the production pipeline inside-out. A team that can help you manage multiple projects and clients just like an extended arm to your company.


Webwooz Media got your back if you are one of the agencies looking for an outsourcing partner for your creative production.


Marketing and Advertising Agency

As a marketing and advertising agency, you have to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. And we understand that involves many responsibilities such as researching, understanding client businesses, building marketing strategies, trends, content plans, target audiences, and whatnot.


While managing these goals, you couldn’t afford to invest the necessary time, efforts, and energy into the creative production. Here, a partnership with Webwooz Media comes really handy.


If you think that collaborating with us can take your organization to a higher level… then we would love to explore this opportunity.


IT and Software app development company

Design and motion design has become an essential part of the web or software product development process.


IT / Enterprises like you, have tremendous expertise in software product, web, and mobile applications development. And we understand that every great product requires a unique design and experience, which involves UI/UX, graphics or illustrations, and motion design.


After that, you need to launch the product like a star. It should explain what it does for your audience and the sales should start coming in. We get it.


Let us help you add some sprinkles of creativity in whatever you build for your audience. Let us help you explain it to the world, make the audience interested in the product. At last, let’s sell it in a better way.


Independent Consultants and Business developer

Are you working as a freelancer, independent consultant, and business developer? We would love to partner with you towards building a growing community. We invite you for a collaboration.


On bringing a project or client, Webwooz Media ensures you a good commercial.


Drop us a message! Reach out to us with your details and we shall connect back with you!

No matter if you’re into medical & healthcare, energy, chemical, real estate, or manufacturing industry… a creative content development is just an irreplaceable part of any marketing and sales campaign. You shouldn’t deny it.


So, on behalf of your agency/company, we fulfill your digital content production demand.

Ain’t you one of these agencies? We can help you with your design and video content projects. Get in touch.

Our Working Models

Start With One – On Project

  • For projects that go single at a time.
  • A detailed outline of the requirements and deliverables.
  • Creative onboarding process and timeline.
  • Ideal for the one big shot. A fixed creative requirement.

Recurring Basis

  • For projects that come around on recurring mode over the span of a specific time.
  • Understanding of the project goal, expectations, and the recurring model.
  • Planning of the set of creative deliverables, contract period, and pricing.
  • Analyzing the performance for the required improvements in terms of content, creativity, and distribution.
  • Hire us to channelize your digital content. Ideal for anything related to outsourcing your creative/multimedia development.

Extended Creative Arm

  • We work as an extension of your team. Hire us as a creative partner/department for your company.
  • Understanding the company culture, vision, and brand position.
  • Analyzing the creative tandem, resources, and responsibilities.
  • Setting up the bonding, working methods, communication, and the timeline.
  • Ideal for creative collaboration.



We are comfortable with the Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA) as well to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of data, resources, and project deliverables. If you have any questions further, then we would love to speak to you!