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We experiment with the latest trends in animation and video production to create a cinematic digital experience to tell your story. Bring us your ideas and let our artist justify your concepts.
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Video Production


Where Video Production stands today?

Considering video production for your business? It can be the most effective decision you can make to position your brand in front of potential clients, investors, and fresh talents to be a part of your journey.


Perhaps, business videos are taking one of the major spots in every marketing strategy. They strongly connect with the audience, influence them, convey messages in a most viable language… in order to engage with them. 


You can choose to invest in videos in the following cases: 

  • Launching or introducing products/services in front of your audience 
  • Influence potential buyers to purchase your offerings 
  • Corporate video for new market expansion and brand positioning 
  • Grow your business on social platforms.

Video production for your business

Video Production carries a lot of benefits and advantages: 


Videos explain your products and services in a simple and easily understandable manner. 

It builds strong trust and credibility about your brand. 

Encourages more engagements on social media. 

Increases your conversion rates and ensures better ROI. 

Grow your business in the most affordable manner.

Figure out the right video style

You need to identify some parameters while choosing the type of video for your business. Think about what goal you are trying to accomplish through your video, who is your target audience, and, what message you are trying to convey, and what action should your audience perform after watching your video.


And then, consider the different subjects and styles to finalize the right one for your brand. 


Here are some examples of video types: 


  • Explainer videos: Effective way of explaining your products and services to your audience. 
  • Brand Video: Let your video tell your brand story. Make your audience understand what you’re doing for them and WHY.
  • Social Media videos: Short, engaging, and emotive videos to catch attention and ensure engagements.

Facts about Videos

Recent statistics and reports say that 54% of the customers prefer watching videos before they purchase products or services.

The video brings 66% more qualified leads than any other content. Also, in 2022, 82% of the internet traffic will be landing from videos.

Kick-starting Video Production Plan

Video Production plan works following these processes: 


Formulation of ideas: Rough ideas are combined in one place. Proper strategies are created with the target market in mind. The strategies are made according to the latest trends and tactics. 

Stage of Production: A video should be produced according to the needs and requirements of the business. Once considering the main objective, the production stage consists of scriptwriting, storytelling, visual designs, storyboards, and the post-production


  • Scriptwriting
  • Characters and style (in the case of animated video)
  • Storyboard
  • Cast // Location
  • Live shoot
  • Voice-over recording 
  • Production
  • Editing and Composition
  • Delivery
Let’s start working on your video strategy. Write to us.